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 Beauty Salon and Manicure School/ Sculpting gel nails, Romana Square area – A.S.E. Hands are the business card of every person. Neat nails, vivid or pastel colors, round or square shaped, semi-permanent or French – anything that you may choose, you will be fully content with the result because our nail art techniques, products and way of working are achieved at specialized courses and trainings in Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Latvia and Moldavian Republic.


Women in general like to have their manicure perfect, nails often being considered the business card of a woman.

By using our services, you and your nails will be spoiled and will also benefit from a few tips & tricks that will help you maintain a perfect and desirable look for your nails, for a longer period of time.

We are waiting for you at Nails Factory, Mani – Pedi, Chisinau Moldavian Republic specialized salon to convince for yourself of our services quality, but to offer yourself a well-deserved delight!

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